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Load and Accessory Couplings

70 MW Steam Turbine large Axial requirements (Double Element Coupling )


Small Compressor drives clamping hub Designs

Gas Turbine driven Compressor Couplings

Load and Accessory Couplings

 60 MW Compressor Drive coupling supplied to Plant manufacturer in EUROPE for PTA Application

Coupling with Splines  for a Solar Gas Turbine Application.
Turbine Appliation couplings

Low Speed Couplings

Low Speed Couplings rated 40 MW @ 1500 RPM  for a plant  maker in Switzerland.

On going capacity expansion.
Load Couplings

Load Couplings with Shear Pin Arrangement for Gas Turbines rated 16 MW at 1500 rpm, for Plant Maker in the UK.

High Torque Coupling rated 45 MW at 3000 rpm, for Steam turbine Generator Application for Plant Maker in India.

Low Windage Coupling

A Low Windage 11000 rpm design for wet gas compressor in a  petro-refinery industry.

Turbine to Compressor Application Coupling rated 7785 KW to 6700 rpm, with Voith Safeset arrangement to protect the drive and driven equipments from shock loads , for plant maker in    The Netherlands.

Gas Turbine driven Compressor Couplings

Load and Accessory Couplings

Monet Power / High Speed Coupling rated 45 MW at 5500 rpm for a Steam Turbine to gear box Application for Plant Maker in India.

A 13-stage fully bladed rotor, with rotor and blades manufactured in-house.

Bladed Rotor

Rotor/Stator Blades For GasTurbines/SteamTurbines

Euroflex (India) has developed capabilities to machine intricately profiled Rotor and Stator Blades for Steam Turbines and Gas Turbines. Its modern Blade Machining Shop in Hyderabad, India, with a complement of Twenty One Machining Centres consisting of 4-axis and 3-axis machines, contributes to the precision machining, expected for these dynamic, high-tolerance components. The machining shop is poised for further expansion in the months to come. All components are solid modelled with the aid of CAM software and the data transferred by LAN to the respective machine in the Blade shop. Apart from the proven capabilities in machining blades for Rotors and Stators for Gas Turbines (GE's Fr.5 and Fr.6) and for Industrial Steam Turbines (upto 50 MW), Euroflex (India), has also forayed into blades for aero-space applications.

The Blade Shop