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Service Factors are a means of classifying different equipments and applications into various load classifications. Due to variations in application of equipment, service factors are used to adjust equipment ratings to accommodate for variable
loading conditions.

Load Classification

Service Factor

1. Loads  varying very slightly
eg.Centrifugal Pumps,Compressors


2. Torque loading varies during operation of equipment


3. Torque loading varies during operation  with frequent
     start and stop cycles
eg.Reciprocating machinery


4. For shock loading and substancial  torque vibrations
eg.Reciprocating machinery

2.5 to 3.0

5. For special and critical applications


Coupling Selection Procedure

The following procedure can be used to select the Euroflex couplings for most applications, however, for specialised applications, it is recommended that Euroflex be consulted.


a) Coupling Torque
(KW/1000 RPM) = POWER(KW) X 1000 /RPM

b) Determine an appropriate service factor from the above table to be used based on the drive and driven machinery and operating conditions, and then apply the said service factor to the above rating.

c) Select a coupling model with equivalent or higher rating from the coupling data sheets.

d) Having made the preliminaly section, check suitability for:

  •    maximum permissible speed
  •    maximum bore suits the shafts to be employed
  •    axial deflection capability
  •    torsional stiffness suitability

Consult Euroflex for all Critical Applications

Euroflex Recommendation on Coupling Mode
Load Characteristics
Euroflex Models
Low Power and Speeds
Pumps,Motors,Gear Boxes Standard GBL,GBH series
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Pumps,Stream &Gas Turbine Adaptor GBH series
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Turbo Compressors Reduced End Moment GH series