The Experience

Reproduced herein, is an EXTRACT from the large Reference List of Couplings, which are mostly API conformants, designed, manufactured and supplied over the past two decades.

Gas Turbine applications : These cover a large range from 1.8 MW to 51.5 MW load applications.

Steam Turbine applications : These cover applications both on the high speed side - Turbine to Gear Box, as well as on the Low Speed side (high torque) - Gear Box to Alternator. Most of these supplies have been made as a set of high speed and low speed couplings, for any given application . The range extends upto 41 MW of power and speeds, from 1500 rpm to 12000 rpm.

High Speed Compressor applications : The experience extends to all major applications in high speed centrifugal compressors, including applications in Fertilizer industries and Refineries, such as process air, synthesis gas, refrigeration , main air, wet gas , recycle Gas, etc. with speeds upto 16,000 rpm.

Pumps applications : Euroflex (India) supplies mostly to upper end applications in Pumps with API conformance, such as for the Boiler Feed Pumps - Motor Driven and Turbine Driven, Cooling Water Pumps, etc., - including for the 500 MW Power Stations.