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Euroflex is part of Rexnord Corporation, USA and is in the business of the design and manufacture of the High Performance Flexible Disc Couplings for applications in Gas Turbines, Industrial Steam Turbines, Centrifugal Compressors, Large Pumps, Blowers, etc.

The Couplings designed and manufactured by Euroflex (India), are being exported to various parts of the World including Japan, Germany, France, U.K. Switzerland, The Netherlands, Sweden etc. apart from meeting the requirements in India.

The Euroflex designs have been found to be on par with the best and at times, even better than the rest in the field of Flexible Disc Couplings.

It has been the mission of the Company, to bring  innovative, value-priced and quality assured range of Couplings to the worldwide market place. The ISO 9001:2015 Certified manufacturing facility in India, with all the required coupling components manufactured in house, ensures a resultant high quality Product.

The Company specializes in the API (3rd Ed.) Couplings. The state of the art manufacturing facility in Hyderabad, India bears testimony to continued commitment of Euroflex to its customers in terms of very high quality, both in design and manufacturing practices.

Couplings manufactured by Euroflex have been proven for high reliability in operations, under severe conditions of misalignment, three dimensional thermal shifts, variations in torque and speed, etc.


Other products : In synergy with the Company capabilities in precision machining, Euroflex is also into manufacture of Gas Turbines and Steam Turbines Rotor and Stator blades. It is also into machining of small Steam Turbine Rotors, and supplies fully bladed Rotors rated for 8 MW to 15 MW applications, with the rotor blades manufactured for all stages, in-house.