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The design criterion employed by Euroflex ensures the coupling should have:

  • The smallest size for a given torque rating with an efficient power to weight ratio.
  • A high torque transmitting capability.
  • Low axial thrust with the highest misalignment capability in couplings of its class.
  • Low life time maintenance cost and an extremely high level of reliability.

  • No lubrication

    The Euroflex coupling is a dry coupling not requiring any lubrication. The coupling also has no relative moving parts and maintenance is reduced to a periodic visual inspection, during any convenient shut down.

    Low end thrust

    When compared to gear couplings the end thrust and bending moments in Euroflex Couplings are considerably lesser and more importantly they are smoothly applied.

    High torsional rigidity

    couplings are torsionally rigid with zero backlash.

    High temperature operations

    The absence of lubrication and usage of special material makes Euroflex couplings suitable for high temperature operations.

    Good dynamic balance

    Residual unbalance of the Euroflex couplings is kept to the minimum by ensuring concentricity of the coupling parts.

    Electrical insulation

    Insulating materials are employed to prevent the flow of eddy currents, which would otherwise cause bearing damage in the accompanying rotary machinery.

    Compliance to international standards

    couplings confirm to most international standards including API 671.

    High torque capacity with low weight

    can offer a wide range couplings to meet all possible torque requirements and by using light and high strength alloys for components, reductions in weight can be achieved.

    Emergency drive features

    All Euroflex couplings have inbuilt emergency drive features to ensure torque transmission under exceptionally high overloads and consequent flexing element failure.

    High torque feature

    Shear Pins can be provided in Euroflex Coupling for meeting torque limiting applications.